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To Our New Parents

     At Southern Magnolia the dogs we breed are healthy, happy beloved members of our family. We take every precaution to provide our new family’s with the healthiest of puppies possible, home-raised, vaccinated, wormed and given a lot of love.

     However, we do acknowledge that there are unforeseen issues that may occur at any point in a dogs life.  We do make every effort to only breed the most healthy Shih Tzu’s. We do genetic testing on our dogs but not all genetic issues can be seen on a test. If a hidden genetic issue does come up, be assured we retire the dog or dogs from breeding to provide only the most healthy puppies to our clients.

     Our health guarantee is effective for the first year of your puppy’s life.  We guarantee the genetic health of all major organs of our puppies until your puppy’s first birthday.  We will replace your puppy with another puppy if your vet has determined a genetic fault is present in a major organ.  Our guarantee is only valid if your puppy has been under the protection of a health insurance plan like one of the following:  AKC, Healthy Paws, Trupanion, etc, dog health insurance plans .  Please have the confidence in us that we try our hardest to do what’s best for our dogs and their puppies and we stand behind our good reputation, our healthy dogs and our health guarantee.

     With puppy health insurance in place should you need it,  your financial needs will be covered, your puppies health needs will be covered, and we will have the peace of mind knowing everyone is cared for.  Enclosed you will find more information on your AKC puppy insurance that is FREE for the first month of enrollment, providing you with the first 30 days of accident and illness coverage included in your AKC registration at no additional cost if you enroll in their insurance plan. At your earliest convenience please fill out your AKC papers and mail it  to the AKC or go online and complete your registration at  Many vets are also recommending the following  companies for pet insurance. Trupanion at  and Healthy Paws at

     Anything can happen in those first few days at home with your new puppy!  We care a great deal about the health of your new puppy and wish you a long, happy, healthy life together.

     Since 2006 our dogs and puppies have enjoyed the added benefits of NuVet Plus Health Supplement. None of our dogs or puppies have any skin issues including hot spots, yeast or bacterial infections or dry itchy skin. All their ears are healthy and free of yeast and bacterial infections as well.  Their eyes and immune system are strong and they all live a long healthy life due to the immune system boost they receive from NuVet Plus.  We believe so strongly in this product that it's part of our Health Guarantee. Our Health Guarantee is only valid if your puppy remains on NuVet Plus once you take your baby home with you. We recommend the Canine Powder for your first order as that's what your puppy has been on since learning to eat.  Whether giving the powder or chewable the dose is half a serving since your puppy is under 10 pounds, so instead of 90 servings you'll be getting 180 servings. For about .25c a day you can improve your dogs health, quality of life and longevity! Order online at or call 1-800-474-7044 and use ORDER CODE 838908.

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