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How to set up Puppy Play Pen

Hello everyone,

We want to thank you for reserving your SouthernMagnolia Puppy with us. Before you know it, your puppy will be 8 weeks old and you will be taking your puppy home with you. Our puppies are playpen, water bottle, and pee pad trained. They are happy in their playpen where they play, eat, drink,  and sleep in their secured environment made specifically for their enjoyment and safety. We recommend that when our puppies go to their new loving homes with you, a similar environment has been created specially for them at your home. Therefore, when your baby arrives to his/her new loving home,  if placed in their new playpen, similarly  arranged to the one they were used to living in, they will feel comfortable, secure and stress free. 

To help you create a similar home  environment like the one they were used to for the last 8 weeks at our home, we recommend  the following:

1.  Metal Play Pen

2.  Washable Pee Pad large enough to place under the playpen to protect your floor.

3.  Potty Tray to keep disposable pee pads in place

4.  A glass non-drip water bottle to hang on the side of  the playpen high enough for puppy to reach and comfortably drink  out of.

5.  Food bowl with Diamond Natural Puppy Kibble to eat as they please

6.  Hanging toys to play to continue to stimulate puppy brain development. As well as, chew toys and  brain stimulation toys to place on the floor. 

To help you set up your playpen area, we have pictures and videos sent to us by previous clients that you can look at.  These will give you ideas and help you to create  a similar home environment that your baby is familiar with helping them feel comfortable, secure and stress free in their new home environment. 

Hope these tips will help you out! 

Again, thank you for choosing Southern Magnolias as your breeder.  You have taken home with you a piece of our hearts.  

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